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    • [where關副] is will be closed to

      ...quot;是用來 1. 形容"Part of the museum"與 2.限定"will be closed..." 所以它應被讀成: [Part of the museum (where the sinkhole locates)] will be closed to the ...

    • up close 之意

      ...approach, 副座 K C 沒有聽到他們走近 and up close, (現在看到時) 很近的距離, he didn't like the ...39;d seen them. The dog was part of it. 他不喜歡他們的樣子 - 不會好過他第一次看到他們...

    • travis的closer歌詞疑問

      Closer I've had enough Of this parade I'm thinking of The words to say We open up Unfinished parts Broken up It's so mellow And when I see you then I know it will be next to...