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    • 請英文master指點,分析句子結構

      These clothes are especially dirty and (these clothes) won't come out as clean as they need to be without extra laundry powder. 1. These clothes are especially dirty...

    • 幫忙把這段中文翻譯成英文

      ... of education, we should keep our own hygienic habits. The clothes ought to be washed clean even if they are dressed only one time. Otherwise, we may...

    • 「洗面乳」的英文怎麼講?及其他英文

      洗面乳: facial cleaning form 乳液:milk lotion/moisturizer 換洗衣物:clothing to be washed 潤髮乳: conditioner 棉花棒: cotton buds 牙線: dental floss 防曬乳: sun block lotion 訂書機: stapler 尺: ruler 橡皮擦: eraser 修正帶: correction tape