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    • Ben Howard - Everything中文歌詞

      ... around億起往事 ,難回味 comes, comes around here來罷來罷 ,從頭起 Seems everything that...somehow 似乎類如, 在此起 Gets me down again 在此 起罷 ,在此起! 過長 略

    • 可以幫我翻譯hedley的這首歌嗎

      ...could ever get through 沒有人可以度過這個難關 Holding back til I come around 等著直到我回到妳身邊 Time and time again you wait for me to comin' 一次又一次你不斷等待 And did...

    • 緊急!!英文文章翻譯....20點!!(中翻英)

      ... became the source of the stress. With the tests coming around the corner, my parents urged again and again, which made me more stressed out and sad day after day...