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  1. come by

    • ph.
      從旁邊走過去;得到, 獲得. 接近
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    • 1. 從旁邊走過去 He has just come by. 他剛走過去。
    • 2. 得到, 獲得. 接近 How did you come by this tool? 你怎麼得到這件工具的? He seemed to have come by a large fund of knowledge. 他們已獲得豐富的知識。



    • ph.
      得到某事物(通常靠努力) Jobs are hard to come by these days. 近來很難找到工作。 I hope that money was honestly come by. 我希望那筆錢來得正當。
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    • ph.
      從旁邊走過去 He has just come by. 他剛走過去。


    • ph.
      從旁邊走過去 He has just come by. 他剛走過去。
    • vi.
      串門 to come by for a chat 來這裡聊聊天 you must come by with the baby 你一定要帶著寶寶來坐坐
    • vt.
      來…一趟 can you come by the office on your way home? 你回家時能順便來辦公室一趟嗎?
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    • 請問片語之事come by及pick out

      ...第一句是為了說明浮起來地 → 所以came floating by → 你如果說 came by (here) floating 顯得結構不夠緊密第二句 picked it out of the sea...

    • come over 和 come by 有何差異?

      ...over today. 約翰今天有來(地方省略,通常指所在地或是自己家) 2. John came by today. 約翰今天有經過 (地方省略,通常只所在地或是自己家) 3. John...

    • pass bycome by 的差別?

      ... by and said hi to me. 他從我旁邊經過時對我說 Hi. come by 是會來留一下: I will come by and say hi. 我會來停留一下打聲招呼...