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    • 英文文法的解說(文化大學的考古題)

      1.A Judy went to school first. B I came home first. C I came...容易地, 那就是用more easily. 4. A to be B be C has D...

    • Late at night , he came home.

      ...它被置於句首時,就一定要加逗號 。例: 1. Finally, we got home safely. 2. To my surprise, he got the first prize. 3. To realize his dream, he worked harder than anyone...

    • 求救:請幫忙分析這五個句子(急!!)謝謝

      ...排放,這些將會成真In the decades to come, Asia -- home to more than half the world's 6.3 billion people -- will lurch from one climate extreme to another, with impoverished...