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    • 請幫我修改一段中翻英是否正確@@?

      右邊是我的室友,喜愛看漫畫跟上網,我也一樣.On my right side is my roommate, he loves to read comic books and surf the internet. Same as I.在朋友中,他跟我的...

    • 英文文章挑錯誤

      ...ldquo;背景圖片”吧﹖背景要用“background”; and a Japanese comic: omic應避免重複而應改為 one﹔About改為For最符合習慣用法; from left to right side應改為from the left side to right 或from left to right﹐另一個我就不必贅述了...

    • 急件12點~請幫我翻譯以下幾句成英文

      1 In the high school , I have join the comic and the volleyball league! 2 I like the 12:00 AM , then to sleep! 4 My house side have two temple two convenience store one school and a large paddy...