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  1. crowd into sth.

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    • 1. 大批湧入(某狹小空間內) Supporters crowded through the gates into the stadium. 來捧場的人擠過大門, 湧入運動場。 We'd all crowded into Harriet's small sitting-room. 我們大家湧進了哈麗特那狹小的客廳。
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    • 急~請教一句英文文法

      As the approach of Christmas, many shoppers crowd into shopping malls to buy gifts for their family and ...

    • 用十個單字組成一篇文章~~~

      ...sudden, a guy who was 【drenched】 in blood 【dashed】 out of the crowd and into a building. Minutes later, the cops arrived...

    • 湊熱鬧的英文!!

      「湊熱鬧」有幾種表達: 1. to join the fun; to take part in merriment2. to add trouble to 3. to crowd into an activity4. to join a crowd for [sth.] 5. to take part in a trend/fashion 提供參考.