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  1. dare

    • KK[dɛr]
    • DJ[dɛə]


    • aux.
    • vt.
    • n.[S]
    • 過去式:dared 過去分詞:dared 現在分詞:daring

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • aux.
    • 1. 敢;竟敢

      How dare you ask me such a question? 你怎敢問我這樣的問題?

      My younger sister dare not go out alone. 我妹妹不敢單獨出去。

    • vt.
    • 1. 敢;膽敢[+to-v]

      He did not dare to leave his car there. 他不敢把車停放在那裡。

    • 2. 挑逗,激[O2]

      I dare you to cheat me. 諒你也不敢欺騙我。

    • 3. 敢於面對,敢冒(險)

      She dared the anger of her father. 她不怕惹她父親發火。

    • n.[S]
    • 1. 果敢行為
    • 2. 挑戰


    vt. 敢於面對

    vt. 面對挑戰

    n. 挑戰,激將


    「vt. 敢;敢於面對」的反義字

    • adj.
    • He had proved himself a most daring airman. 他已證明自己是個極其勇敢的飛行員。
    • n.
    • He showed great daring. 他顯示了極大的勇氣。
    • dare的動詞過去式、過去分詞

    • adj.
      膽大的; 大膽的
    • a daring new art form 驚世駭俗的新藝術形式
    • n.
    • 勇敢,膽量

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    • ph. 因受到激將

    • He only entered the competition for a dare. 他只是因為受人激將才參加競賽。

    • ph. 我相信; 可能

    • I dare say you are British but you still need a passport to prove it. 我相信你是英國人, 但仍需有護照加以證明。

      I would imagine he's forgotten. I dare say! “我猜想他忘記了。” “很可能!”

    • ph. (我想)大概;可能

    • There's something wrong with the TV set, I dare say. 我想電視機大概有點毛病。

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    • IPA[deə(r)]



    • vt.
    • to dare sb. to do sth. 激某人做某事

      somebody dared me to jump off the bridge 有人激我從橋上跳下去

    • aux.
    • to dare (to) do sth. 敢做某事

      she dare(s) not or daren't or doesn't dare leave the baby alone 她不敢讓寶寶獨自待著

    • n.
    • to do sth. for a dare 受到激將做某事

      why did you climb on to the roof? — it was a dare 你怎麼爬到房頂上了?──有人激我呢

    • 敢,竟敢冒險,敢於承當

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