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  1. defiance

    • KK[dɪˋfaɪəns]
    • DJ[diˋfaiəns]


    • n.[U]
    • 釋義
    • 相關詞
    • n.[U]
    • 1. 反抗;蔑視,藐視

      His defiance of the law cost him dearly. 蔑視法律使他付出沉重的代價。

    • 2. 挑戰

      They declared open defiance to the government. 他們公然向政府挑戰。

    • ph. 不顧; 無視

    • act in defiance of orders 違抗命令的行動

      She wanted him to stay, but he left in defiance of her wishes. 她要他留下來, 但他並不理會, 還是走了。

    • ph. 憤怒而輕蔑地瞪著

    • ph. 蔑視,無視

    • ph. 無視;違抗

    • They went in defiance of the order. 他們違抗命令還是去了。

    • ph. 蔑視

    • ph. 蔑視…,與…對抗

    • ph. 蔑視…,與…對抗

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    • IPA[dɪˈfaɪəns]



    • n.
    • to do sth. in defiance 一意孤行做某事

      in defiance of sth./sb. 公然違抗某事/某人地

    • 挑戰,挑舋,蔑視
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      ...事件的新聞,整段是這樣的 - It was a night of blood, pandemonium and defiance as tracer rounds flashed over the Statue of Liberty...

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      ...噪音cracking of whips(尤其是[鞭馬的聲音])句子分析an impudent of defiance =>厚顏無恥的蔑視 those members of the community who work with their...

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      in spite of 解釋是Regardless of, in defiance of 例句:"went shopping in spite of the bad weather" 同義字despite,notwithstanding 無論、不論的意思