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    • 麻煩科技英文高手幫我訂正一下文法是否正確

      ...source of energy supplying the global. With the fossil energy source gradually depleted, price of crude on the rise. Thus, people pay more and more attention on renewable energy and...

    • 原文句子 a mixture of unmodifie..

      unmodified 可以翻成 沒有修改過的, 沒有改變過的isolate 可翻成 分離物unmodified soy protein isolate = 沒有改變過的大豆蛋白質分離物

    • 徵求地理兼英文翻譯高手

      ...interest per year, you will have a substantial income of 100,000 a year that you can live all of indefinitely without depleting your capital. (如果你把錢投資進去而賺取年息百分之十,你將有年收入...