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  1. difference of opinion

    • ph.
      a disagreement or mild quarrel
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    • 有關英文文法問題 ?(誠徵文法高手)急件!!

      The reading passage and the professor(are??) share difference of opinion. 請問這句share 前面要加 are 嗎? 還是不用 還有問啥??? share 是一般動詞 , 所以不必加 be 動詞 are 直接用 share 就正確了。

    • various和different的區別?

      ...but if the difference in price is too much, we'll keep what we have. A difference of opinion is a disagreement: There was a difference of opinion about the...

    • Any differences ?

      It is so funny to read your message here. In my opinion, Love is a kind of feeling psychiscally, sex is human nature. We can have sex with...