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    • 請問下列答案為何選(c)的答案

      ...名詞怎樣,但是...才適用,而且名詞沒有單複數形式) 例1:Although the situation might be difficult, they never gave up. = Difficult as the situation might be, they never...

    • 英文文法Until?

      ... character traits are not tested ______ we are in a difficult situation 還沒面臨到問題之前還我們是沒有辦法的考驗我們各自的性格特徵的 because...

    • 幫我把下面幾個句子中翻英

      ...equally are likely sweet. Equally lovable No matter is in the difficult situation, do not forget also to have me to exist Certainly this year not good...