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    • 請幫我檢查這句英文有錯嗎??謝謝大家囉~

      ...可以有其他的方式來詮釋喔!以下是我的補充。 The environment is so great here. Taiwan is no longer a messy and dirty country. dirty是髒 messy是亂 所以如果要表達又髒又亂,這兩個一起寫會比較...

    • 急~~~strong adjectives

      ...不可和以下的重覆!! 謝謝!! wet -soaking small- tiny dirty- filthy tired- exhausted cold- chilly bad- awful...hilarious difficult- impossible fat- obese angry- furious ugly- awful good-great beautiful- gorgeous surprising-amazing ...

    • 幫我寫一篇英文短文

      ...will go to the beach . Even some beaches are very dirty , some of them have white clean sand . If I want... that is very normal , but I still have a great time .