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    • 請幫我檢查一下文法與通不通順!

      ...out with a peaked cap on only, and he even did not bring an umbrella along with him. When I...father's figure, my eyes started turn teary. These couple years, my father...

    • 急!關於英文文法問題有六題

      ...2. Every citizen who turns 75 will receive a card ... long life. Ans: honoring是動詞... outside the home can do their, which runs until about noon." Ans: 限定關係...

    • 請問一下,“關於”的英文又該如呵的翻譯呢?

      ... interview lasted about an hour. 面談大約進行了一個小時 2 幾乎 The job is about done. 工作差不多要完成了 3 往相反的位置或方向 Turn about and walk away slowly. 轉過身慢慢...