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    • 幫我看看這篇文章有錯誤嗎

      ...一下, 還有小孩是變懶惰, 不是變瘋吧^^" So I think physical punishment is necessary because it ...修飾中間ㄧ些些 Of course, teachers shouldn't punish students just because he or she is not...

    • 口語化翻譯急 不要翻譯網的

      ...not always bad people. 那些做我不喜歡的事的人,並不總是壞人. They don't need to be punished just because I don't like what they do. 他們不需受罰就只因我不喜歡他們所做的事. There...

    • 英文句子改正

      ...father is very sensitive of our academic performances.If we don't do well in school,we  will be punished. => My father is very sensitive to our academic performances. ...