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    • 急...商英的對話該如何起頭?

      ...'s so glad to talk to you. By the way, this is my supervisor/colleague, D... to be in charge of this project. I bet I can learn a lot from each executive.... C:It's my...

    • Business Etiquette

      ... and hand shaking is the most common way of greeting. Other types of ...hug. For a more formal setting the best bet is to go with hand shaking or bowing.

    • 求 3到7個字 的英文單字+中文 越多越好

      ...她 piece 一塊 tear 撕 seat 座椅 each 每個 reach 到達 need 需要 feed 飼料...brain 腦 day 一天 pay 支付 say 說 way 方法 face 面對 gate 門 sale 銷售...有 gas 天然氣 beg 求 bag 袋 bet 打賭 bat 蝙蝠 bend 彎曲 band 樂隊...