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    • 誰可以幫我翻譯英文(關於佛學營)

      ...'s master worker ‧ instructor ‧ essential target is child's behavior, the personal character, but is...not read can punish, therefore very many such all only is opens the mouth to me to disguise to...

    • 請問警察巡邏用無線電回答的英文

      "sarg" is informal sergeant, especially used as a term of address (to call) "essential" is short for essential personnel. Therefore, Five sarg and one essential. 5位警官及 1名必要人員

    • 段落填空change one's ? 的更適當字疑問

      ...people, to pave with leather on the road is NOT expensive. Such an essential nature is hard to change. That is why I think it shall be "spots...