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    fall down the sink

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    • 歌詞英翻中 Sara Paxton- I Need a He

      ... my 911,這是我的119I'm sinking down into the fear,我正沉淪在恐懼中That...我當我一團糟Whenever I'm falling someone to be my safety net無論何時我墬...

    • sank to their knees 正確翻譯

      其實我覺得"正確翻法"是沒有一定的.. 像你所說的"They sank to their knees in the mud crying for water. 他們在泥濘中...

    • 請問”運鹽的爐子”中翻英 where he had fallen before, he sank to his knees on purpose this time... way back across the stream, the wicked donkey fell down on purpose as before. This time the ...