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    • 指教一個英文問題謝謝

      ... with foreign leaders,who maybe were just a teensy bit falling all over you when you first arrived on the world stage? =我想知道,你是否...

    • HELP!!!幫我翻譯一下><

      When I saw her coming down the stairs, I fell in love with her all over again.... 當我看見她從樓梯下來時,我重新愛上她 ....

    • 麻煩幫忙造以下幾個英文單字的造句

      fall madly in love with(陷入熱戀)Terry fell madly in love with a teenager.TERRY和一個青少女...go out with Rose.我和ROSE外出約會all over the place(到處都是)He puked on a boat...