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    • 可否幫我翻譯讓我參考一下我有沒有地方翻錯了呢??

      (1) family member grows to my influence in "under the three generations under...people's protecting with the careful cultivation under. Since childhood, the family member taught I treat people 處世 three big criteria: One...

    • 所有代名詞 英文

      ...white.(你的貓是啡色,我的是白色) 這樣讀起來便沒有那麼累贅。 你這裏的 family members 都是指「你的 family members (your family members)」,故此...

    • 小家庭的好處...與大家庭的壞處~

      小家庭的好處:1. More privacy is preserved.2. Family members can enjoy more freedom.3. Potential arguments can be greatly ...