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    • 什麼是No place seems farther remo

      No place seems farther removed from the ups and downs of the world economy. 這句是在形容一個地方...

    • 翻譯(英翻中)

      ...活出正當而富足的生活 不過實情是幾乎不可能3. Your discussion is far-removed from the topic of the debate. 你的討論離辯論主題太遠了忘了翻 composition

    • 請問 far cry 是什麼意思?

      "a far cry" == a. quite some distance, removed. b. very different, in sharp contrast. "bona fide" == 1...是不太可能了", 2006-10-04 17:24:34 補充: "far cry" 的 'quite some distance' 並不能用來指地理...