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  1. be fed up with

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    • 1. 厭煩... I am fed up with your grumbling. 我聽夠了你的怨言。





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    • get fed up with 這個片語的意思

      只會用 fed up with fed up with 感到厭煩的;忍無可忍 ex. She was fed up with her do-nothing sons. 對她那些遊手好閒的兒子,她已經是忍無可忍了。 2006-12-27 10:03:34 補充: get fed up 到胃口..厭煩的意思... 要看你的前後文嚕

    • 請幫我用10個片語變成英文文章!!(急)謝謝 fad up with (應該是be fed up with受夠了) 2.keep it quiet(安靜點) 3.used to... to find the proof. I “was fed up with” living a life of nobody. I ...

    • 英文動詞問題 一個句子不是不能有兩個動詞?

      ...time.(這是informal 的說法:意思是受夠了,再也不能忍耐) I am fed up with reading how women should dress to please men. 這裡的be動詞是...