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    • 幫我看看翻譯 有關感恩節的活動!

      ... Day, another important activity would be the festive parade, the most famous being the Macy's...make it there can enjoy the fun, too. Another important event on Thanksgiving in New York would...

    • 英文注釋幫我個忙

      ...2008-02-04 13:14:21 補充: 16. gala 慶祝:party: a special festive occasion that typically includes food and entertainment 17... 20. attend 出席:to go to or be present at an event 22. staff 全體職員: people who are employed...

    • 有人會Factor Analysis嗎??可以幫忙翻譯一下嗎

      ...金吉他獎顯得與其它3 次事件不同在裡 細節/ 娛樂和種類原素的條件, 再次強調event s內部屬性,和 其它公因子的命令,更在逃離時高,低 在社會化上。