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  1. fight back

    • ph.
      努力控制住;反擊; 回擊; 抵抗
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    • 1. 努力控制住 He tried to fight back his anger. 他極力控制住他的怒氣。 fighting back tears 強忍住眼淚
    • 2. 反擊; 回擊; 抵抗 After a disastrous first half the team fought back to level the match. 該隊在上半場慘敗後重整旗鼓以求扳成平局。 Don't let them bully you. Fight back! 別讓他們欺侮你。把他們頂回去!



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    • vi.
      還擊; 抵抗 the police were forced to fight back 警方不得不進行還擊 to fight back against a disease 與疾病抗爭
    • vt.
    • ph.


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      ...the problem behind it. However, in some circumstances, you have to fight back to gain respect from others. If you have to do so, fight fair and square...

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      They fought back the tears. 他們強忍眼淚。 (眼淚不由自主的要奪眶而出,必須強自克制...

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      ...act in brain 這可為標題意思為藥物對腦部的作用﹐這裡的act翻譯為作用/活動. fought back=fight back (原形). 反擊 fighting about 這也不是一個片語, fighting...