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    • 環保鬥士的英文

      環保鬥士的英文﹐最直接的表達﹕ Fighter for environmental protection(7) Environmental ...環保人士 hawkish environmentalist (1)=鷹派環保人士 environmentalist fighter (4)=環保鬥士 畢竟﹐以「fighter(鬥士)」來形容環保人士...

    • 求各位大大幫我翻譯 12/29要交的英文報告

      ...want to cop out , but one day I saw a newspaper it said a fire fighter for helping a child , so he get into the fire , although the child get out , but the...

    • 中文翻英文 麻煩大家

      ...this South Asia great elephant, not only will sell the advanced fighter plane for India also to be willing with the Indian share nucleon technology...