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    • 誰可以幫我造英文句子?

      1.Books are filled with many wonders. 書中充滿了新奇的事物。 2.I hardly ever...seafood"吧? Seafood doesn't agree with me. 我不適宜吃海鮮。 9.i like ...

    • Winter magic 的中文翻譯

      ..., with hearts forever young,和永遠年輕的心 hearts filled with wonder and good cheer. 充滿驚奇和愉悅的心 像是聖誕節的歌曲- - 2009-02-15 20:26...

    • 請教這一小段歌詞如何翻成中文?

      ...can pull you under. 是這些小事情,他們會把你拉下來Live your life filled with joy and wonder. 好好過你帶著快樂及驚奇的生活吧I always knew this altogether thunder...