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      This is the lyrics of the song "Fragile" by Sting, originally from the album "...all this time". Because this album was recorded right on the date when 911 happ when 911 happened (September 11, 2001), this song...

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      ♘➙┵⇔㊏ㆈ✾✲⇬......... 敬告需要貸款服務的朋友,因本團隊能力強 所以許多業者冒充本站,導致有貸款需求的朋友受騙 在此告知要注意小心受騙。 [誠信、服務、專業] 我們用心 讓您放心 歡迎來電洽詢,快來看看,裡面有我們的更多訊息 不用...

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      我幫你修改的如下: Watching English speaking movies is one of the common ways to learn English. I like to use this method to enhance my listening skills. Since watching movie is a hobby...