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    • 介系詞一問 of

      ...用來溝通,不必太過拘泥。 以下貼上幾個例句, 這些例句您都能在google搜尋「support from」 而找到的國外文章標題。 1. Clinton Owes Lead...

    • 翻譯問題(英文翻中文)

      ... them to develop their own campaign strategy,to siphon off financial support where they can find it,and to seize on transitory circumstances to put together...

    • 在一篇英文新聞裡看到的一段話~

      ...提到的事實相反 (He says his wife provided emotional and financial support that helped him cope.) 所以要用were 不知道醬子講你聽不...