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    • use的用法

      ...4.【事】 使用目的,用途 an instrument with some uses 幾種用途的儀器 find a use for 設法利用… 5.【事】 習慣,慣常的作法,慣例 Use is (a) ...

    • 請大大們幫我做個影片翻譯(英翻中) 謝謝!!

      ...two man set out with one goal to invent a new plastic without using oil and made only with renewable... the end, they opted for lignin, an organic substance found in wood. After trying out...

    • help!中翻英(作品導演簡介)

      ...quot;Lost, On the Road." She sought to find a new use for the sound as a unique unifying element, where the low self-murmuring of...