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  1. firing line


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    • 1. 【軍】射擊線
    • 2. 火線上的士兵
    • 3. 先頭部隊
    • 4. (爭論、活動等的)第一線
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      (由於所負的責任或所處的地位)易受到批評(或責備等) She'll have to be careful now -- she is directly in the firing-line of the new director. 現在她要格外小心了--她正在新主任的眼皮底下工作。
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    • 瘋電視_... rhino or elephant...

      保育界常談的 rhinos or elephants in the firing line 這些西方大國極力呼籲保護的動物(尤其在非洲)經年處於獵人的槍口下 fired 在此一樣又是常見「射擊」和「開除」的雙關語用法

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      ... Kuwaiti the scene, they are sent to support toward the firing line in the defense patrol 4. These already were eager to try the sniper ...

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      ..., with an allusion to flying, how could the ambition arise. In the line “what the hand dare seize the fire” he asks to imagine the boldness of the god with images of the fire...