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    • Tell me about it 意思?

      ...fix easily. 這句句意不完整,fix是及物動詞所以要用fix something easily (2)Tell me about it ! 還用你說 much better if the dentist does any work on your tooth. Q: 1.這整句話是說什麼意思...

    • 幫我英文翻譯成中文

      ...用說的表示你的感謝 Do something you two used to do it together... she did for you) Fix things for her. 替她修理東西 Help her on housework 幫助她做家事 Take...

    • 有關英文的幾個片語,get onto、 look on 急用

      ...補充: Get onto - Appear on the radio or TV 上電視或廣播...because you need or want them to do something 聯絡, 請人幫忙 Example(例句... GET ONTO someone to fix this. 我們最好找人來修理. 2009-05...