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    flat tire

    • ph.
    • 相關詞
    • ph. 爆氣的車胎

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    • ph. 車胎爆了,車胎跑氣

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    • flat tire是什麼意思?

      flat tire 就是爆胎的意思。 flat 是扁 tire 是輪胎 所以就是爆胎

    • 幫我看文法這樣對嗎

      If there's a flat tire on your car, we can give you some instructions to replace it with a...jack to hoist your car. Third, remove the screws and then the flat tire. Now you can replace it with the spare tire. At last, tighten the ...

    • which tire went flat? 這句的翻譯!

      which tire went flat? →哪一個輪胎漏氣(破)了? which →哪一個 tire→輪胎 went flat→goes flat 的過去式,變成平的,輪胎變平嚕,也就是輪胎破了的意思="破胎";"破風"