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  1. fly off the handle

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    • ph.


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    • 暴跳如雷的英文

      ...a rage ex. She flew into a rage when she knew the truth. - fly off the handle ex. My father flew off the handle when I came home late...

    • 英文句子...俗語翻譯

      ... to follow suit. 別人出方塊,我也只好出方塊。 7.there is no need to fly off the handle in the way. 沒有必要在路上生那麼大的氣(暴怒)。 2010-05-29 22:46:40 補充...

    • 急!請幫我看看英文自傳

      ... is that I am very short-tempered, frequently flying off the handle over the trivial things. However, referring to my strength...