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    gamble on

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    • ph.
      不顧損失而冒險行動或碰運氣 gamble on (having) sb.'s support 孤注一擲希望獲得某人支持 I wouldn't gamble on the weather being fine. 我可不指望天氣能一直好下去。
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    • 對於這一句名言的英文,有關婚姻對男人和女人來說。感謝。

      Marriage is to gamble on his freedom for a man, and to bet with her happiness for...with their happiness Remark: 賭 can be translated as "gamble", "bet", "wager", or even "risk". However, to...

    • 英文翻譯~~中翻英

      ...,on the horses,etc 賭紙牌、馬等 2.gamble sth(on sth)用(錢)賭博 例:He gambled all ...哪兒也找不到比這個好的貨,我敢打賭。 2.wager £5(on a hourse) (在一匹馬上)押注5英鎊 3.I'll wager...

    • 關於英文as的用法問題。?

      ...動名詞片語當主詞) 2.) It's as much a tradition as eating turkey. = [Gambling on the football game] is as much a tradition as eating turkey. as 後必須接...