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  1. gasping

    • gasp的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
    • 更多解釋
    • 喘氣的


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    • gasp??pant??

      When you gasp, you take a short quick breath through your mouth, especially when you are...

    • 英文單子gasp和crowd的用法?急 gasp in admiration讚嘆 2.找不到你要的資料 3.(因驚訝等)倒抽一口氣[( at/with/in)] 切望,渴望[( for/after)]

    • 各位英文高手兩句中翻英填空 !! 急需~拜託~

      The worker managed to gasp out a few words. 說明:manage在這裡是只管理/控制,也就是說在很喘的...26 補充: 因為gasp已經是固定的字了,所以就提供你別的字參考 如果你要套用gasp,那當然就是 He was gasping for a cigarette.