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    • The extensive ..原文翻譯翻到一半,卡住

      The extensive studies of Haslewood have shown, in general, that in animals which conjugate their bile acids with taurine rather than with glycine, the tendency to develop atherosclerosis is much less than in animals which predominantly...

    • 英語演說稿(急)20點贈送!!

      General speaking, all the people can be devided into two kinds, one kine of people likes to be with their family, the other kind prefers to spend their free time with their friend, interestingly, this tendency will be kept through all their life, no matter he is married or single. Because...

    • 英文高手快來解救我的破英文 感激感激^^

      ... PAC in the diet. Although a tendency toward increased water consumption was also ...article in the diet, these differences were, in general, not consistently significant. Although these increased...