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  1. get on (or along) like a house on fire

    • ph.
      have a very good and friendly relationship
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    • 請問禮拜天我喜歡花時間和家庭成員相處的英文怎麼說??

      I like to spend timegetting along with my family member on sunday. 請問有哪裡要奶哪裡有錯呢??I like to spend time getting along with my family members on Sunday. ( 寫的很好,更動兩個字即可。)

    • 國中英文片語...

      ...away , at once 起先 : at first 最後 : at last 發展,有進步 : to get along 故意 : on purpose 到目前為止 : so far 至少 : at least 恢復 : to get over 取消 : to...

    • turn someone on這片語意思是?

      ...turn someone off 使...某人失去了興趣 是 turn someone on 的相反句    Seeing her without  看到她卸了妝的模樣真是讓我倒盡胃口     get along with someone 與某人合睦相處    I can't get...