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    • 張靚穎 Girl of your dreams 英翻中

      ... me see far beyond up the rainbow 你使我看得比彩虹更高...遵守。 Cause every time I got stronger 每一次我變得堅強... a sound, without a clue Tired of thinking of...

    • 英文問題回答 不是翻譯唷 20點

      ...go or not. 2.I will collect lots information about the country that I want to visit. Like introduce my grandfather. He is always get up at 4 o'clock and do some exercises in the...

    • 求英文補考答案

      B.poured out her heart B.looked into A)in honor of B)lay;aside D)in the meantime C)had D)that;so that (C)used to be B)shouldn`t have C)those who 2013-07-12 19:12:25 補充...