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    • 英文句子諺語

      1. Get in someone's hair = bother someone = 打擾/煩 某人 例子:My little brother gets in my...意義。(一說是 shit for the birds 的簡化說法) 例1: That's for the birds. It's meaningless 例2:Shit for the ...

    • 有關身體的英文諺語或是俚語?

      1.Get in someones hair. = bother someone. 麻煩某人的意思 2.Tongue-in-cheek. = not serious...以眼還眼 10.give someone a black eye. 將某人打的鼻青臉腫 a pig’s eye. 胡說,亂講 12.blow it out one’s ear. 胡說八道...

    • 英文翻譯......(有關俗語的).....請快點

      Get in, someone's Hair ( bother someone )= 讓某人很煩 A: 孩子们 ! 可不可以請你們不要吵...