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  1. get one's own back on sb.

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    • 1. 【口】報復 After the fight the defeated boxer swore he'd get his own back on his rival. 那場拳賽後敗北者發誓要(向對手)報仇雪恨。
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      ...的愚弄。 Get back at sb. / Get one's own back (on sb.) 報復 He tricked me this time but I'll get my own back one day. 這次他騙了我,可是我有...

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      ...迷路.迷失 get mixed up 混亂.混淆 get off 下車 get on 上車.上船 get on one's nerves 刺激神經.使人覺得討厭.使人心煩 get one's own way 隨心所欲.為所欲為 get out of the habit of 戒除...的習慣 get over 恢復 get...