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    • You look like a milliondollars

      ...吸引人的意思 You look like a million dollars. 你看起來棒呆了 2. get the point 了解重點所在 3. 因為英文的基本句型就是一個句子只能有一個動詞,如果有2...

    • 關代問題 和一句美麗卻又文''粥粥''的英文

      ...要用過去分詞。(不一定是加 ed 哦!) 5. Q: When will you get the point of enough is enough ? A: (先假設這句電影台詞引用無誤。) get the...

    • need solution

      ... You divid the rectangle at middle point of each side, you will get 4 rectangle and each as not only a multiple of three, but also the result needs to have...why I didn't get the right answer. I...