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    • 關於新聞中的一些英文句子

      ... he getS it , we will have run away. 正確,只差 he gets Before you heard thunder, the light had been shown on the sky.(當你聽到雷聲時,早就已經有閃電了) 閃電用 lightning; thunder...

    • 請英文高手幫我檢查

      ... often to be seen on the side of the road, so should the advertising... that she wouldn't get any money from the driver. Her behavior showed (had shown) that...

    • 幫我翻這段句子的中文 謝謝

      ... into time 全轉換成時間 yet on the road from family and home 而從家與家人... right 覺出對味的感覺 show to show we saw the crowds...霙或雪 and oceans just to get through to you 海洋依舊排除萬難奔向你...