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    • 可以幫我翻一下這句嗎?(專業英文)20點

      ...行為或結果 稱之) 2. Creating a new function gives you an opportunity to give a name to a group of statements. 創造(開發)一個新的方程式給予你一個為群體...

    • 請問英文選擇10題-1

      ...工廠提供給員工運動場,網球場,游泳池和其他娛樂設施 (C)9. The ability to give a name to everything often_______ education. (A) passed in (B) passed...

    • 物理題目電力與電場

      ...conclude that the force acts upon any charge is identical. Let's give each charge a name relative to the square: q1 = at top right q2 = at bottom right q3 = at top left q4 = at bottom left...