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    give an account of

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    • the wooden horse episode.

      1.give an account of the wooden horse episode in the Aeneid? 描述一下伊尼伊德 escape from Troy? with whom does he escape? Give an account of their escape from their house to the mountain. 誰...

    • 何謂account

      ...公司是我們的最佳客戶。 3. 記述,描述;報導[C][(+of)] The policeman gave an account of the traffic accident. 警察敘述了交通事故的經過。 4. 解釋,說明[C][(+of...

    • account of 的用法

      ... York. 至於acount of的意思是指書面或口頭報告;描述 例句: Give us an account of what happened. (把事情發生的經過告訴我們)