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    • 急!大大幫我翻釋一下這一篇吧~

      ...:Just a card? Is that all he gave you?Monica: 只有一張卡片?他就給妳這樣...而已嗎?Ruth: What's wrong with that? It's really a nice card.Ruth: (卡片)怎麼了...

    • 請各位幫我解決以下的英文片語

      all ears: 洗耳恭聽 / at the tip of one's tongue: 差一點就衝口而出 / all walks of life:各行各業 / be caught red-handed:當場被逮 / (Your questions are too many for now. ^__^)

    • 英文片語(急需翻譯)

      ...goodwill 表達善意13. make a gesture of victory 表達勝利14. all over the world 全世界到處15. the Western World 西方世界16. the whole world 全世界17. It's a small world 狹路相逢18. I mean it 我不是...