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    • my tutor will give birth to,,,

      my tutor will give birth to her baby...i miss the lesson time with you需要修改的地方不多, 修改過後的句子...改為:Dear Tutor,I know you will give birth to a baby soon, and I am going to miss...

    • my tutor will give birth to...

      My toutor is going to give birth.. I will miss the time I spent learning from her. 雖然中文是說我想念和他上課的日子,但英文上以「我想念與她學習的時間」比較順暢

    • [中翻英]請幫我翻譯一小段中文 (20點)

      When the teacher gives a lesson to give an example with Blog, I have already life ,,Perhaps this is that one can give vent to with the place that remember !