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  1. give out

    • ph.
      分發, 散發;用盡, 用完
    • 釋義


    • 1. 分發, 散發 The teacher gave out the examination papers. 教師發了考卷。 The radiator is giving out a lot of heat. 散熱器釋放出很多熱量。
    • 2. 用盡, 用完 Our food supply has given out. 我們的食物耗盡了。 After a month their food supplies gave out. 過了一個月, 他們的食物已消耗殆盡。
    • 3. 公佈, 宣佈 The news of the President's death was given out in a radio broadcast. 總統逝世的消息已在電台上播出了。 It was given out that the President had been shot. 據稱總統受到槍擊。
    • 4. (指發動機等)停止運轉, 停機, 出故障 One of the plane's engines gave out in mid-Atlantic. 飛機在大西洋中部飛行時, 其中一個發動機出了故障。
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    • ph.
      分發 He gave out books. 他分發書本。


    • ph.
      分發 He gave out books. 他分發書本。
    • vt.
    • vi.
    • ph.


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