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    • see, watch, look at 的不同

      ... couldn't see me, he was looking at his food bowl...that it is also something you also do deliberately...that you look it for a longer period... me give you another one: 4...

    • 幫幫忙一下..英翻繁三句英文..

      ... I'm looking for a little ornament to put at the zipper of the bag, to give the bag some extra and so that you can see it's ours. 我...容易地掛在拉鍊上。 Something in style with my...

    • (急件)跪求會話提供,感謝大師

      ..., Okay, let me have a look and see what the differences are. A: Great, I'll be more... with this one here, it gives you more than double the battery life, scratch...