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    give way/into
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    • 關於英文look into的用法問題。?

      ...原則。 1.) Put it about one-third of the way into the picture , from any side. 主體或焦點放置於1/3的位置...the subject should look into the picture. 最好的解釋就是,give subject some space to look into,而這也是 "rule of...

    • 英文 句子合併

      These new robots move like snakes,so they have been given the name snakebots. The way a snake is shaped lets it get into very small spaces,like cracks in rock.==> 開頭是Snakebots...

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      ...heart. 2008-07-15 23:35:36 補充: There’s no need to buy your way into someone’s heart. Giving my sweetheart chocolate will also make them fat. Also, the symbolic...