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    • 英翻中.....幫我翻依下..卸卸

      ...戰爭的人。 4.The company gave the money to a local university for...的大學用以做森林的研究。 5.In return, Luna and the trees...incredible it is going to feel just to be able to touch the solid...

    • 讀後心得,請幫我修改”英文”的文法及用詞,謝謝 which how not to like, but if gives the gift to yours person...some people will accept are returning a gift, moreover some people will also...pleasantly surprised and happy feeling.

    • on assignment/turn in

      ...someone to the police or other authority Iwould feel very nervous about turning in my neighbors to the police. ...或交還給治安單位或執行單位/教師/機構》to give or return something to someone in authority 《參考http://...